The Municipality

The Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz used to be called Monsaraz.  The small town of Monsaraz led the Municipality until 1838, after this date the Municipality headquarters was transferred to the town of Reguengos in 1851, with the final establishment of the municipality's central council in Vila de Reguengos.


The municipality still holds the same geographic areas it did in the 13th century when King Afonso III in 1270 attributed the "carta de foral" to the town of Monsaraz and therefore establishing one of the oldest administrative municipalities in the South of Portugal. 



Chapel of Santa Catarina de Monsaraz, Pillory of Monsaraz, Church of Our Lady of Lagoa, Inquisition House, Chapel of St. José, Old Palace of Audience and Fresco of the Good and Bad Judge, Cistern, Church of Santiago, Chapel of St. Bento, Chapel of St. John the Baptist (Cuba), Espírito Santo Hospital and Casa da Misericórdia, Church of Mercy, Church of St. Bartholomew, Chapel of St. Lázaro.


The main monuments of Reguengos de Monsaraz are:

Bronze bust of Manuel Augusto Mendes Papança, the Great Church of Santo António, Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios do Esporão, the Tower of Esporão.



Church of Our Lady of Lagoa


Well                                    Church of S. Tiago   Chapel of S. Bento


Chapel of St.John the Baptist Espirito Santo Hospital   Church of Mercy



Chapel of Santa Catarina

Pillory of Monsaraz

Inquisition House

Tower of Esporão

Chapel of Esporão


Chapel of St. José. 




Palace of Audience 



Fresco of the Good and the Bad Judge

Fábrica Alentejana de Lanifícios de Mizette Nielsen
(Reguengos de Monsaraz)
Reguengos de Monsaraz - Our Municipality

traditional blankets and carpets from Alentejo Portugal

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